List of Ballyscunnion Scraperboard Drawings- in Alphabetical Order.



A Big Hand for the Guest Artist                                  April 56                 P47

A Bit of Coolness                                                              June 48                 P125

A Bit of a Leg Pull-- R                                                      Oct 67                    P237

A Few Friends in to Dinner                                          Oct 53                  P239

A Flash in the Pan--R                                                      June 68                 P111

A High Old Time                                                               Jan 61                    P367

A la carte                                                                             March 53             P15

A Night at the Opera                                                      Oct 55 and Nov 62 P239

A Seat on the Board                                                        Aug 56                  P175

A Slippery Customer                                                       Jan 56                    P371

A Tourist at Ballyscunnion                                            June 39                 P170

A Word in his Ear--R                                                       Sept 67                 P205

After the Ball was Over                                                 Feb 67                   P375

Aftershave Lotion                                                           July 59                  P111

Against the Grain--R                                                      Aug 66                  P175

Airing His views --R                                                        July 62                   P133

All Cut and Dried                                                              Sep 55                   P207

Almost a Horse Show                                                     Aug 53                  P175

And Quietly Flows the Scunn--R                               July 68                  P143

And Still They Gazed (tadpoles)                                Mar 63                  P13

And the New Year In (2 glasses)                                Jan 58                    P275

And the New Year In (watches)--R                          Jan 63                    P321

Another April Shower                                                    Apr 53                   P47

April Shower                                                                      Apr 61                   P47

April the first                                                                      Apr 48                   P53

Arabian Nights Entertainment                                   Jul 60                     P141

Art Gallery                                                                          Apr 51                   P53 and 30 Year Book

At Ballyscunnion Market                                               June 40                

Aye, Mrs Simpson...                                                       Jan 37                    Wash


Backbenchers--R                                                              May 64                 P77

Back to School (as Brains Trust)                                  Oct 51                   P263

Backroom Boys                                                                 Feb 54                   P399

Baker and Confectioner                                               Sep 54                   P207

Ballet Scunnion                                                                 Oct 50                   P295

Ballyscunnion Breaking up Day                                 Jul 48                     P163

Ballyscunnion Enterprise                                              Feb 52                  

Ballyscunnion Medical Council--R                              Feb 64                   P346

Ballyscunnion Satellite is Launched                          Nov 57                  P203

Beauty Competition--R                                                 Sep 52                  

Behind the Iron curtain                                                 May 48 P89 and 30 Years P 61 and 40 years

Bejabers                                                                              Feb 37                   P4     Wash

Big Business in Ballyscunnion “Aye her family”    Oct 46                  

Big Takeover Bid                                                              Oct59

Birds of a Feather                                                            Apr 55

Black-out Ballyscunnion                                                Oct 39

Blow, Blow, Thou winter wind                                    Jan 51

Bottleneck in Ballyscunnion                                         Jul 52

Brains Trust                                                                        Feb 47

Breaking Up Day

Bright Glittering Crown                                                Jun 53

Bringing home the Wedding Presents (June Wedding)   Jun 47 and pocket book

Bronze Age                                                                         Aug 65

Bullfight in Ballyscunnion (enter the matador)    Feb 61



Canal Trouble                                                                    Sep 56

Carried off Her Feet--R                                                 Feb 69

Casting a Clout                                                                  May 55

Causing a Big Stir--R                                                       Dec 65

Central Heating                                                                                Nov 49

Chatting Up a Bird--R                                                     70                          

Child Psychology                                                              Apr 49

Christmas Dinner                                                             Dec 49                   and 30 Years

Christmas Eve (Oh what fun it is to ride) -R         Dec 64                  

Christmas Eve (cart, bridge,boy)                                Dec 48

Christmas Eve ( I don’t believe all I hear --R         Dec 67

Christmas Eve (It's not so much the gift)                Dec 63

Christmas Eve (Now that we’ve all got)--R           Dec 66

Christmas Eve Shopping Rush (cake) “Try our  Christmas Cake.”                1969 ?

Christmas Shopping Rush                                            Dec  54       

Cigarette Shortage                                                          Oct 48                   P279

Closed Shop—R and blue wash                                 1970-72 See his diary .

 Cocktail Party                                                                    Sep 49                   P273 and 30 years

Comfortably Off                                                               June 57                 Page 83 and 40 Years 133

Coming to a Sticky End--R                                             Aug 68                  P 175

Cowboy--R                                                                          July 63                   P125

Cub Hunting is about to begin                                    Oct 52


Debutante--R                                                                    May 52 and 30 years p 72

Decorating the House for Christmas                        Dec 51                   p363 and Dec 46

Deep and Crisp and Even                                              Dec 61                   P319

Deep Freeze                                                                      Aug 61                  P 175

Did you go out and devalue the Pound...?           Jan 68                    P341

Disarmament Conference                                            Oct 61                   P239

Disc Jockey                                                                         Nov 53                  P271

Do It Yourself--R                                                               Jul 67                     P141

Doing the Pools                                                                Mar 58                  P11

Doing the Twist                                                                 Mar 62                  P15

Dream Kitchen                                                                  Feb 65                   P385

Drip Dry                                                                               Sep 68                   P207

Drown the Shamrock                                                     Mar 47                  P15   see  St Patrick's


Early Morning Fog Patches                                          Nov 55                  P271

Easter Monday (Parade)--R                                         Apr 52

Easter Parade at Ballyscunnion                                  Apr 47

Eclipse of the Sun                                                            Apr 54

Elevenses                                                                            Jun 65

Epidemic (St Patrick’s follow-up)                              Mar 49                  P19

Exports and Imports                                                       Aug 48

Extra- Mural Studies                                                       Oct 56


Facing the Music                                                              Feb 53

Fallen Arches                                                                     Jan62

Fashionable Summer Prints                                        Jun 49

Fashion Comes in Cycles                                               Apr 59

Filling Station                                                                    Jun 55

First Footing                                                                      Jan 54

Four Power Conference                                                Sep 48


Gale Havoc                                                                         Jan 39

Gale Warning                                                                    Jan 55

Gentlemen’s Outfitter--R                                            July 58

Gilt Edged                                                                           Sep 58

Going Steady                                                                     Oct 65

Going to the Pictures                                                     Feb 48

Golden Slumbers--R                                                       Sep 64

Gone with the Wind                                                      Mar 54

Good, Clean Sport                                                           Nov 51                                  P303

Grandpa has just Dropped Off--R                             Feb 68                                   P373

Gypsies at Ballyscunnion                                             Sep 39                                   P229


Half Dollar Crisis in Ballyscunnion                            Oct 47                                   P245

Haute Couture                                                                  Jun 51                                   P121

(Heatwave same as High Finance)

Held up by the Lights--R                                               Aug 67                                  P171

Here is the News                                                             Jul 40                                     P537 and 30 Years page 22

Here is the Weather Forecast                                    Feb 51                                   P485

High Finance                                                                      Jul 39                                     P140

High Society--R                                                                Jun 59                                     P83

Highly Strung                                                                     Dec 60                                   P319     

His Masters Voice                                                            Nov 50                                  P335 and 30 Years P91

Hold the Line Please--R                                                 Feb 66                                   P339

Holiday                                                                                 Aug 49                                  P229

Holiday for Strings                                                           Jan 49                                    P427

Home for Christmas                                                        Dec 55                                   P329

Home for Christmas                                                        Dec 62                                   P283

Home for the Holidays                                                   Jul 50                                     P141

Home in the Rolls                                                             Sep 60                                   P207

Homeward Bound (man, bike, plank)                     As “Parting of Waves” Feb 49

Horse Show at Ballyscunnion                                      Aug 39                                  P187

Hunt Ball                                                                              Feb 50


I see a Fair Stranger                                                        Dec 56

I’ll be your Sweetheart--R                                           May 66

Ice Carnival                                                                         Jan 50

Icing the Cake                                                                    Dec 58

Ill fares the Land--R                                                        Apr 65

In at the Death, I’ll bet you                                       Oct 57

In Ballyscunnion Cub Hunting is                             Oct 52

In Ballyscunnion Me Da says                                    Nov 39

In your Easter Bonnet (bees)                                      Apr 57

In your Easter Bonnet (car)                                          Mar 64

Indian Summer --R                                                          Nov 65

Intermezzo--R                                                                   Jun 64

Into the Common Market                                            Sep 61

It all comes back to me                                                  Mar 66

It’s Leap Year                                                                     Feb 56

It’s the Spring                                                                    Apr 66


Jingle Bells                                                                          Dec 53

Jumping Enclosure                                                          Aug 54

June Roses--R                                                                   Jun 66

June Wedding at Ballyscunnion                                 Jun47

Just a Song at Twilight                                                    Mar 50


Keeping a Cool Head                                                      Aug 59                                  P147

Keeping her in Stitches                                                  May 58                                 P59

Kitchen Dresser                                                                 Feb 55                                   P407


La Plume de ma Tante--R                                             (Mar 69)

La Plume de mon Oncle                                                Apr 62                                   P47

Latin Quarter                                                                     Nov 56                                  P271 and 40 Years

Leading Lady--R                                                                Oct 64                                   P 237

Leonardo da Ballyscunnion                                          Aug 62                                  P161

Les Sylphides                                                                     Oct 62                                   P217

Lido                                                                                        Jul 46                                     P147

Light Sleeper--R                                                               Nov 63                                  P237

Lilac Time--R                                                                      May 50                                 P99

Lipstick (children with blackberries)                       Sep 53                                   P207

Literary Criticism in Ballyscunnion                             May 47                                 P79

Look Cinemascope                                                          Mar 57                                  P395

Love at First Sight--R                                                       Feb 62                                   P399

Luxury Tour                                                                        Aug 55                                  P175



Making a Clean Breast of It.--R                                   Dec 57                                   P237

Making a Name for Himself                                         Nov 61                                  P271

Man in Outer Space                                                        Feb 59                                   P299 and 40 Years P23

Man of Mars                                                                      Oct 54                                   P239

March Winds (=March in Bally)                                  Mar 40                                  P433

Marginal Seat                                                                    Apr 67                                   P47

Maybe Next Time He’ll Put His Money                  

Maytime in Ballyscunnion                                            May 39                                 P77

Midsummer Daydream                                                 June 50                                 P141

Mixed Bathing--R                                                            July 64                                  P141

Musical Evening                                                                Dec 39                                   P333


New Soles, New Heels and New Uppers              Jan 67                                    P79

Newspaper Monopoly                                                  Mar 61                                  P15

Night Classes                                                                     Sep 50                                   P255

November in Ballys.”Aye signs of Winter”           Nov 47


Oil Tanker causes Oil Slick Trouble--R                      May 67                                 P 79

On Christmas Day in the Morning                             Dec 52                                   P299

On His High horse (Kids on horse)                             Mar 55                                  P15

On the other Lock, Sir                                                    Sep 59                                   P179

On the Production Line in Ballyscunnion                Nov 46

One for the Road--R                                                       Nov 58                                  P203

Opening Christmas Presents                                       Dec 68                                   P307

Or would you rather be a Fish?--R                           July 66                                    P143

Orphans of the Storm                                                    Jan 65                                      P353

Out in the Midday Sun                                                   June 62

Owner Driver     (Aye, she’s the devil to start..)   Jan 40


Pale Hands I loved--R                                                    Nov 64                                  P269

Pantomime on Ice                                                           Jan 53                                    P347

Parting of the Waves                                                      Feb 49

Pin-up Girls-R                                                                    Jul 65                                     P143

Pipe Line in Ballyscunnion                                            Aug 51                                  P189

Pride and Prejudice--R                                                  Jan 64                                    P313

Production Line                                                                Pocket Book

Proportional Representation--R                                Apr 68                                   P47

Pullman Coach                                                                  July 54                                  P143

Putting his Heart and Sole into it--R                       Nov 67                                  P269

Putting the words into his mouth                             Feb 60                                   P371

Putting Woman on a Pedestal                                    Apr 60                                   P47


Queen of the May                                                           May 49                                 P103


Radio-active Dust                                                            May 54                                 P79

Reading between the Lines--R                                   Aug 58                                  P131

Reading between the Lines                                         Nov 68                                  P271

Red Sails in the Sunset--R                                             Aug 64                                  P173

Regaining her Youth                                                      Dec 59                                   P289

Rock-n-roll                                                                          Jan 57                                    P347 and 40 Years

Rustle of Spring                                                                Apr 50                                   P57 and 30 Years


Salon at Ballyscunnion                                                   Jan 48

September Morn                                                             Sep 47

She is far from the Land                                                Mar 59

She moved through the Fair                                       Oct 60

Silent Night, Holy night                                                  Dec 47

Slipped Disc                                                                         June 58

Soft Lights and Sweet Music--R                                 Oct 63

Something Old, Something New…                          June 67

Son et Lumiere                                                                 Oct 66

Sporting Print                                                                    Jan 59

Spring Fashions Show                                                    Apr 39

Spring--R                                                                             Mar 48

Spring Song--R                                                                  Mar 52

Spy Plane over Ballyscunnion                                     Aug 60

St Patrick’s Night Dance                                                Mar 39

St Patrick’s Day in Ballyscunnion                               Mar 47

St Valentine’s Day “Darling nobody..”                     Feb 39

St Valentine’s Day and Leap Year                              Feb 40

String quartet                                                                    May 59

Stereo                                                                           197?      Two babies crying.

Summer Prints                                                                  Jun 49

Summit Conference                                                       Apr 58

Supermarket--R                                                               Mar 65

Sur le Pont (accordion)                                                 Jul 51

Sur le Pont (fiddle)--R                                                   Jun 54                                   P111

Swinging Ballyscunnion see (The Mini and the Maxi skirt)May 68               P79


Taking the Waters--R                                                     Mar 69                                  P11

Taking them down to see the Shops                       Dec 38                                   P345

Tea on the Lawn--R                                                         Jun 60                                   P111

Telephone Tapping                                                         Aug 57                                  P125

Tell Her Royal Highness--R                                           May 60                                 P79 and 40 Years

The Babes in the Wood--R                                           Sep 65                                   P175

The Ballyscunnion Blazers                                            Oct 49                                   P109 and 30 Years

The Bohemian Girl                                                           Mar 60                                  P15 and 40 Years

The Computer Comes to Ballyscunnion--R           Mar 67                                  P15

The Dam Busters                                                              Jul 56                                     P143

The Fire was rapidly got under Control--R             Oct 68                                   P239

The First Man on the Moon                                        Sep 63                                   P182

The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring--R               Mar 51                                  P17 and 30 Years

The Garden Party                                                            Jun 56                                   P111

The Great Wall of China--2Rs                                     Jan 66                                    P307

The Harp that once.                                                        July 55

The Horse Show                                                               Aug 50                                  P217

The Horse Guards                                                            May 56                                 P79

The Iron Curtain (Behind the Iron Curtain.)          May 48                                 P89 and 30 Years

The Lady with the Lamp—2Rs                                    Oct 58                                    P179

(The) Latin Quarter                                                         Nov 56                                  P271 and 40 Years

The Lark in the Clear Air                                               May 51                                 30 Years and 40 Years

The Lass with the Delicate Air--R                              Nov 66

The Maid of the Mountains--R                                  May 65

The Man who broke the bank-1                                 Mar 56

The Man who broke the Bank -2                                Jul 53

The Meeting of the Waters--R                                  Jun 63

The Mini and the Maxi skirt                                        May 68

The New Hemline                                                            Nov 48

The Nursery Slopes                                                         Feb 57

The Observatory--R                                                        Mar 68

The Oil flows again                                                         May 57

The Old Curiosity Shop                                                 July 49

(The) Parting of the waves                                          Feb 49

The Second Turkey                                                         Jan 52

The Story of Santa Claus                                               Dec 50

The Top Ten                                                                       May 61

The Village Smithy stands. ”Aye and if horses.  Nov 54

The Young May Moon                                                   May 53

They laughed when I sat down to play--R             Sep 66

This’ll larn ye                                                                      Aug 63

Through the Sound Barrier--R                                    Nov 52

Thunder over Ballyscunnion                                       July 47

Touching Wood                                                                Sept 62

Travelling by Air                                                                Nov 59

Treasure Island                                                                 June 52                                 P119

Tubular Lighting                                                                Feb 58                                   P299

Tuning up the Car                                                            May 63                                   P69


Ushering in the (gay) Sixties                                        Jan 60                                    P339


Vintage Car                                                                         Sep 57                                   P155


Water Diviner                                                                   Jul 57                                     P107 and 40 Years P41

We are receiving you loud and clear—2Rs (one on the back.)Feb 63         P349

Wet Weather Transport in Ballyscunnion              Jan 47                                    P383

When Irish Eyes are Smiling                                         Jul 61                                     P143

Where are you going to my pretty maid?              May 62                                   P77

Where the Rainbow begins--(alternative title) April 63                                   P41

With Rod, Line and worm                                             Jun 61                                     P111


X-Rays                                                                                  Nov 60                                     P271


Yes, but do you think the fashion will hold?       April 64                                    P45